Carson Valley Middle School

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Bus Route Information:

Bus transportation is provided to students at any grade level who live more than one mile from their school of attendance. The shortest, safest, and most convenient walking path shall measure distance from school. Severely handicapped students and students assigned to special programs for the handicapped may be transported regardless of their distance from school. We have established residential stops within attendance areas. We also stop at day care centers within the attendance boundaries of the elementary schools. Day care centers are considered residential stops. We do not stop at business addresses, only residential.

CVMS bus route information published 8-1-2018 for the 2018-2019 school-year are located in the column to the right. Additionally, the CVMS bus line up sequence is also located to in the column to the right. 

What bus route and bus stop am I assigned?

Douglas County School District Transportation Offices:

Valley Telephone: 777.782.5194
Lake Telephone: 775.588.1650
Lake Office: 240 Warrior Way, Zepher Cove, NV 89448

Snow Day or Inclement Weather:

The Transportation Department always considers student safety ahead of time schedules, so please bear with us on snow days. When the highways require snow tires, our buses are required to chain-up and therefore move much slower (25mph maximum speed). The decision as to whether or not there will be school is made by 6:00AM The DCSD website's main page will display snow day decisions by 6:30AM.  Click the links below for a printable version of important snow day information:

Radio stations: please tune in to KBUL 98.1 FM or KCMY 99.1 FM.Television stations: KRNV Channel 4, KOLO Channel 8, or KTVN Channel 2.

These stations will broadcast either a one-hour delay or school closures.  There are two separate decisions, one for the Lake schools and one for the Valley schools.