Carson Valley Middle School

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Technology Home

Over the last few years CVMS has been acquiring technology for classroom use. Some of the prominent technology in the classroom include Promethean interactive display boards, and Chromebooks. Specifically, the decision to purchase Chromebooks in lieu of a programmed computer lab station refresh has brought additional to the campus. Additionally, recent Chromebook purchases through school and grant funding has allowed for the initial phase of a 1:1 Chromebook roll-out. It is the intent of the middle schools, including CVMS, to provide 6th grade students with a 1:1 device over the 2016-2017 school year. 6th grade staff members continue to receive training related to the appropriate use of this 21st technology in the classroom. At this time, October 2016, 6th grade students have had continual access to this technology in their classrooms. Soon, the 6th grade students will have the capacity to take their assigned Chromebook home for class work. The details of this specific Chromebook roll-out are under consideration at this time. The distribution of these Chromebooks are managed through the library. 
In addition to Chrome books, CVMS maintains three curricular computer labs which are available through a lab reservation system. Further, CVMS hosts additional specialized reading labs (2-Read-180 labs) and a STEM computer lab (Project Lead The Way (PLTW)).
Further, a large portion of the classroom instructional spaces currently incorporate interactive Promethean display units. Classrooms without a display unit use LCD projection technology. 

Did you know that every teacher is expected to maintain a classroom website? Access to your student's classroom page is available via this link.