Carson Valley Middle School

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1:1 Initiative Overview

Douglas County School District – 1:1 Interactive Classroom



1:1 computing is not about the device, nor putting technology into every student’s hands.  Meaningful and successful 1:1 programs are based on instructional change in the classroom with the technology being a tool to help students and teachers create a collaborative and inquiry based learning environment. The Douglas County School District 1:1 Interactive Classroom is based on facilitating and creating instructional delivery and learning models within our classrooms that permit students to produce content, rather than solely passively consume content.  The Nevada Academic Content Standards expect students to be digitally literate by reading and writing digital text and developing the technical skills necessary to consume and produce digital texts.  Students are expected to strategically and capably use technology and digital media by intelligently sorting through and using digital information. We have an obligation to develop and utilize the technological fluency that students bring to us and to thoroughly integrate technology into the curriculum through engagement in authentic work. We also have an obligation to create an environment in which students can develop as independent, lifelong learners. With this in mind, the overall driving forces behind implementing a 1:1 project are as follows:


  • Provide any time learning and access to a vast collection of resources
  • Develop 21st century skills and understanding of digital spaces
  • Reduce paper and transition to digital work flows
  • Promote careers and interest in computer science
  • Give teachers tools to remix "stand and deliver" lessons
  • Increase opportunities to differentiate instruction
  • Increase student engagement and creativity


The Douglas County School District (DCSD) has been actively involved in the implementation of the Common Core State Standards. Deeper learning provides our students with the opportunity to use varied resources and media to help process information, learn concepts, and communicate information by utilizing a myriad of digital and non-digital tools.  However, there are obstacles for our students in regard to the CCSS ELA and Math Standards and changes to the Science Standards.  With reduced funding for textbooks, the current cost of hardbound resources, their lack of alignment to the Common Core Standards, and the inability to update information within the hard copy textbooks without reprinting has made providing current resources and materials to classrooms extremely difficult and costly.  Lack of digital resources has also limited student engagement and ownership in the educational process.  Students are being asked to ‘switch off’ their connection with online resources when entering school and in many cases are not being provided with skills and resources that will enable them to be