Carson Valley Middle School

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CVMS Remodel News

Update: 6-9-2017
The final sweep of the office area insures that the space is completely empty. The office operates out of a temporary location, A-3 through the end of the school year. The administrative offices have been temporary moved to C-Hall. The entire main gym floor refurbish and new bleachers have been included into the scope of this project.
Update: 6-1-2017
You may have noticed that there is some additional masonry work at the front of the building. Additionally, I have posted the final version of the front parking lot reconfiguration.  
Update: 5-9-2017 
The empty classroom space that had been the art room has been gutted. New window/door openings in progress. (photo)
The empty staff lounge space has been gutted. This space will become the new CLS classroom going forward.  
The temporary location for the art classroom A-41, and staff lounge B-28 will maintain through the end of this school year.
The CVMS facility update, to include the front parking lot, will occur largely between the months of June, July, August 2017. The upgrade places an emphasis on school security and safety as the front parking lot reconfiguration and single point of school access are the larger, but not the exclusive components of the upgrade. As information solidifies it will get posted here. In the meantime, renderings presented at the November school board meeting are attached below for your review.  
Project Description
Carson Valley Middle School is located at 1477 U.S. Highway 395 N in Gardnerville, Nevada. The campus consists of four buildings originally used as a High School. Building A was originally constructed in
1958 with a six classroom addition built in 1980 and a girl's locker room addition in 1995; Building B in 1986, Building C 1986, and Building D constructed in 1987.
Douglas County School District has developed a list of 'items on the school that should be repaired, updated, brought up to current code and made more secure. DCSD has tasked TSK to revitalize the building
and the site with this list which has been prioritized and broken down into two task lists. The lists were ranked with respect to health & safety, replacement and critical needs, savings & efficiency, academic
standards, and other the lists are as follows:
Tier 1
Single Point of Entry, Security Fencing, Security Lighting, Traffic Flow Reconfiguration, A/C Paving Rehabilitation, Slurry, Re-striping, Fire Alarm & Fire Sprinkler Code Updates, Exterior Room Identification Signage
Electrical Service Replacement, Gym Floor Repairs & Sand and Reseal
Network Re-Wiring, Domestic Water Back-flow Protection, Hazardous Materials Abatement
Tier 2
HVAC Replacement, Roof Replacement & HVAC Work, Bus Loop Extension, Locker Room Remodels, Restroom Remodels, Gender Inequity RR, ADA Compliance at RR, Gym, Bleachers, Ramps, Replace Lunchroom carpet w/ polished concrete, Remodel Home Economics Room, Window Replacement Bldg. A & Bldg. B, Rehab Track and Baseball Fields, Replace Gym Floor, Bell & Intercom Replacement, Flag Pole Replacement
Single Point of Entry & New Admin Offices
The current location of the Administration Suite is as placed in the original 1957 building. New Safety and Security practices are to have the Administration Office in immediate location to the main entry to control the circulation into the building. Best practices also recommend having Administration Staff able to observe the primary student drop-off/pick-up areas. By relocating Administrative office to the current Art room, we can create a secured entry to the campus. The new configuration of the single point of entry allows for controlled access to the site. The secure vestibule acts as a lock with a check in window where visitors to the site will be
granted access to the lobby from that point. Once in the lobby, the receptionists will be able to control the visitor's access to the rest of the campus and direct access to the Administrative staff offices.
Traffic Flow and Circulation
Current site circulation includes a mixture of bus, parent drop off, teacher parking, and pedestrian clientele. There are many areas of concern where these paths mix, causing
traffic back-ups and possible accidents.
The proposed solution is an attempt to
solve the following patterns:

Bus Traffic
Buses shall enter in a dedicated "bus only" lane from US 395 (north entry point) and drive to the eastern edge of the site and drop off child ren at the current Bus Unloading Zone. Buses will then continue south to the High School Street access and travel west to US 395 or Courthouse Drive. The
departure route is understood to be temporary until the connecting road to Gilman Avenue is completed and additional funding becomes available.
Parent Drop Off
Currently parents enter the site from the north entry as well as off of High School Street. Cars are backed up in both
directions, and parents drop off children on the passenger side of the car, with children needing to cross not only in front of the parent's car, but in front of other cars. There is not a dedicated drop off lane. The proposed revisions will have all parents arriving from High School Street, then
entering the school site with a dedicated drop off zone of approximately 275' long. Similar to an airport drop off zone where there is a drop off at curbside and a second
by-pass travel lane. Parent drop off will then cycle pass the main entry with a one-way return loop to High School Street. The return loop will also have diagonal parking for visitors to park. A series of removable bollards with painted asphalt will help define traffic flow patterns.

Students on foot primarily arrive from the north and the south. There is little to no sidewalks in these areas and parent drop off cross traffic is a concern. At the northern edge of the site access a raised 6' wide concrete sidewalk will be provided with a fence along the parking on the north
side to keep children from crossing in front of bus traffic. At the south end of the site, there will also be a marked crosswalk at the intersection of High School Street and Court
House. Fencing will also be provided along the visitors drop off lane that will direct children to a raised cross-sidewalk
near the main school entry.
Teacher Parking
Will be centralized with dedicated parking solely for teachers. Teachers will be encouraged to arrive before the parent drop off activities commence. Currently, teacher
parking is located at the perimeter of the buildings and even in the spaces between buildings. The parking between buildings will not be allowed once the secure perimeter is provided.
Secure Perimeter Fencing
Best practices dictate that after the morning bell rings that the entire school perimeter should be secured, including perimeter gates. This will prevent non-authorized people from walking into the school grounds and possibly entering the school buildings. Recommendations are to remove the
interior parking spaces between buildings as well as putting in gates that are locked at the surrounding campus entry points. Maintenance and custodial staff will be responsible for locking and unlocking perimeter gates at appropriate times.
Nurse Suites
The current Nurses Office is located in Building B and is difficult to access for parents who need to pick up sick children. Parents at this time need to walk through Building A, go to the exterior walkway, then enter Building B, with very little supervision. The existing Nurse's Office also does not comply with the barrier free design that is required by the Americans with Disabilities Act. The new Nurse's Suite proposed location is in a portion of the existing administration Suite. This relocation will allow for a new
design that meets best practice standards, including a restroom with non ambulatory wash area, refrigeration for vaccines and medicines, privacy curtains at the nurse beds, and a private nurse office that has secure record storage. Also by relocating the Nurses Suite, the design will resolve the ADA issues that are present while locating the ill children closer to the main entrance for the school allowing parents greater ease in picking up their children.
Counselors Suite
The current Counselors' Suite is located in Building B away from the Administration Office and is difficult to monitor in case there are student behavior issues. The student records that are currently within administration offices are shared within Counselors office and are moved from Building A to Building B, then back again. The proposed location of the Counselor Suite is adjacent to the Single Point of Entry/Administration offices and has a line of sight for additional security. Design provides a separate waiting room and private counselor offices for two staff members so discrete discussions between counselor and students remain private.
Art Room
Our current art room is located in the future admin single point of entry portion of the building. This space use to be the dining commons and kitchen so it has a number of separate rooms. Although adequate in size, the location is best used for the administration areas to better monitor the
main entry. The proposed art room is a large single room with a storage room located in the current admin area. The new art room will have north light through existing windows
and will be provide with a sink and counter space. The room also has windows in to the main Building A hallway that will allow student to see the creative process taking place in the Art Room.